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famous person research project

Famous Hoosier Project - Mrs. Warner's.

Index: Mrs. P's Famous Americans
The not-so-famous person report - LEARN.
Index: Mrs. P's Famous Americans
Holocaust Research Project
Research Project
iRubric M4A737: Research your famous person. Tell the class about your person. Tell others about your famous person in the famous person museum Grade: 15pt- 102
Almost every student in school will have to complete a research project about at least one famous person in history. For many students this could be a difficult task.

famous person research project

famous person research project

  • Research Famous People in History |.

  • The not-so-famous person report. Instead of teaching the history of the famous, use research in primary sources to teach students that the past and present were made Grade 4-Famous Person Research Project. This WebQuest was created for the fourth grade technology classes in the Mentor Public Schools. Carla Kehres
    Famous Scientist Project Worksheet

    5th Famous Scientist Name _____ Handed out _____ Teacher _____ Due: _____ Famous Scientist Project
    It's time for the annual Wax Museum - Famous Hoosier Projects! You will "come to life" as a famous Indiana resident, past or present, who has made a difference in our

    iRubric: Famous Person Project rubric.

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    Grade 4-Famous Person Research Project
    Most Famous Person