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Is it safe to mix ritalin with oxycodone

Is It Safe To Mix Hydrocodone and.
Oxycodon 10 Mg

Muscle Relaxants Questions including "Is.

26.06.2008  Best Answer: Oxycodone is a fairly powerful narcotic (opiod). 15mg is a relatively large dose and is usually given to someone who is tolerant to opiates
vicodin (aka hydrocodone) is an opiate very similar to oxycodone. you can mix the two, but make sure, first of all, you check to make sure you're not taking too much
Hydrocodone Muscle Relaxants Questions including "Is it okay to mix Valium and Adderall XR" and "Is diazepam a opioid"
I have one oxycodone 10/650 and two hydro 10/325, separately they are not enough for yes as long as you have enough tolerance to handle that dose you should be
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    Can you mix vicodin with oxycodone - The.

    Muscle Relaxants Questions including "Is.
    Opiates & Opioids > Oxycodone Sorry if this has been taked about beforeWell i just got a bunch of 30 MG oxys and Quote: Originally Posted by pup555 Sorry
    Experiences - Xanax and Oxycodone...what.

    Is it safe to mix ritalin with oxycodone

    Is it safe to mix ritalin with oxycodone